Our Community

Albany; is a great community in which to live, work, and raise a family.  One piece that is missing from similar communities of our size is a turf surface for the youth of our community.  There are many groups, organizations, and community uses for a turf surface as well as our school district needs.  This is an entire community project and will benefit children from our entire community in a variety of ways.  Most of these children will never play on a high school sports team.  This project will allow our community to provide opportunities for the kids in our community to enjoy activities and be proud of the community in which they live.

Our Project

It is the vision of “Turf for Kids” to keep the school district funding to a minimum.  There are numerous things that our district does to help educate our children to be lifelong contributors to society.  It is our hope, that by keeping their financial involvement small, we will provide a facility that will last well over a decade for the use of all of our community from AYSO and Pop Warner kids all the way to adult soccer and flag football leagues, without jeopardizing the needs of our classrooms.

The grass stadium fields in Albany are currently used about 20-22 days a year each, mainly for high school football.  Turfed fields in cities around Albany use their fields in excess of 200 days a year, hosting as many as 1500 events.

Girls soccer 1 2013

Turf fields will give youth sports organizations practice space they might otherwise not have.



football 4 2013




In other Communities everything from AYSO, Pop Warner, Futbol Clubs, adult soccer leagues, lacrosse, bands, cheer squads, and physical education classes are now using their turf fields.

To learn more about benefits of turf fields click here.

How to Help

There are a number of ways that you and/or your company can help with this project:

      • Cash donations
      • In-kind donations
      • Manpower
      • Spreading the word in the community
Field Before

Field Before

Filed After (Artist Rendering)

Field After (Artist Rendering)












Whatever your level of assistance can be, the children of Albany will be the benefactors for years to come.  Thank you for considering our project.

In recognition of all donors ($100+) that help this project become reality, “Turf for Kids” will create a donor wall to be located inside the main entrance to the stadium. The larger donors will be placed higher on the wall in recognition of their support.